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First Aid

First_Aid_Club_LogoThis course provides a basic introduction to first aid. The course gives students grounding in managing an incident and the most commonly needed first aid skills.

Who is this suitable for?

Young people aged between seven and 16 in schools and youth organisations.

young first aiders

young first aiders

What they will learn?

Basic life-saving first aid skills.

Course content

  • Part one
    ·      Asthma
    ·      Choking
    ·      Communication and casualty care
    ·      Coping in an emergency – [done]
    ·      Primary survey – [done]
    ·      Recovery position – [done]



    Part two
    ·      Bites and stings
    ·      Bleeding (minor)
    ·      Bleeding and shock –  [done]
    ·      Burns and scalds
    ·      Foreign objects
    ·      Poisions
    Part three
    ·      Bone, muscle and joint injuries
    ·      Chest pains
    ·      Electric shock
    ·      Fainting
    ·      Resuscitation


Contact: Mr Edwards

Information about First Aid in Schools



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