School Closure

In the event of the school being closed we will continue to provide work as outlined in our Remote Learning Plan.


Reading is a fundamental skill and underpins all learning.  It is vital that during any period of school closure that children continue to read.  Please find time every day to sit down with your child and listen to them read.  We will provide children with additional reading and library books but this supply may well be quickly exhausted.  If this is the case please support your child in accessing fresh reading material by:

  • purchase new books from book shops or online suppliers
  • sign up to a book subscription service which will deliver books to your home monthly 
  • share books with family and friends
  • write stories for your child to read
  • access ebooks on line
  • read anything you have available – dictionaries, atlases, cook books, instruction manuals, etc. – as long as it interests your child 

Remember, reading is fun.  Time spent sharing a good book with your child is precious and invaluable.

Listed below are a range of sites which may parents may find useful in finding additional activities to support home learning.

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